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Floor Drissen, our new salesperson introduces himself

With a background full of green experiences and a passion for grass, Floor Drissen joined Vanmac on May 1, 2023.

A green start

What once began as a side job during weekends and vacations quickly grew into a love of grass. At sixteen, Floor first came into contact with grass maintenance. He ended up on the golf course as a snooping intern. Here he continued to work on weekends and vacations, after which his love for grass grew. Floor earned degrees from the Green Academy University, among others, and with some help from the owner of the golf course, he became a greenkeeper.

Floor made it from assistant greenkeeper to head greenkeeper. After about five years at the golf course, he took the next step to Feyenoord. Here he was responsible for maintaining the training field and the stadium field. During his time at the Kuip, he won the title “Best Turf of the Eredivisie” no less than four times.

At the Kuip, Floor got to know many people, gained a lot of experience in maintaining the turf and got to know the machines and plants well.

After his successful time at Feyenoord, Floor found a new challenge at Barenbrug, where he worked as an account manager for the Netherlands and Belgium. In this role, he advised and supported in technical and sales matters. He regularly visited municipalities, golf courses and turf cultivators.

After these experiences, Floor made the switch to Vanmac Turf Equipment. What makes Vanmac so attractive to him? The informal atmosphere, down-to-earth mentality and accessible work environment are very important. In addition, Floor appreciates that Vanmac is an international player in the turf field with beautiful, high-quality machines.

As a salesman at Vanmac, Floor regularly travels to different countries in Europe, where he represents the company’s products, such as mowers, harvesters and vacuums.

Outside of his work at Vanmac, Floor spends time with his girlfriend Floor and their infant son Otis. He is also busy on weekends growing yews and vines.

Floor looks forward to meeting and interacting with turf growers and sharing his passion for turf with them.


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