Vanmac Turf Equipment
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About Vanmac

Vanmac B.V.

Vanmac B.V. delivers all top brand machines for the maintenance and exploitation of turf nurseries. You can also contact us for maintenance and spare parts for your machines; you can order these 24/7 through our web shop. At Vanmac B.V., we have a great deal of in-house experience and our service team is at your service to answer your technical questions and to give you advice. You can purchase all machines directly from us and we deliver them to your home wherever your business is located.

Ordering spare parts

Vanmac B.V. can supply you with all the necessary spare parts of our own brand. Of course, you can order all parts by email, but you can also order them 24/7 through our web shop. Register yourself as a customer, so that you can quickly find the parts you need in the web shop, moreover you then receive an immediate quote.

TRILO our global brand

TRILO is the top brand of parent company Vanmac B.V. TRILO machines are designed and built in our factory in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and partly in Asia, and they are sold in more than 46 countries. Our range consists of wide area sweepers, mowers, vacuum sweepers, leaf blowers and verticutting units. Our machines are used among other things for the maintenance of turf nurseries, sports facilities, airports, cities, verges and roads. Visit the TRILO website.

Working at Vanmac B.V. / TRILO

We at Vanmac B.V. / TRILO think it is important that everyone takes pleasure in their work and is proud of the result. Machines leave our premises every week, thanks to the personal contribution everyone has made. We work in a small team, where we all feel a sense of responsibility for our work and the quality that we deliver to our customers. Together, we ensure a safe and pleasant work climate. We have short lines and a low-threshold culture. Everyone may contribute ideas on how it can be done better. And we are all properly remunerated for that commitment and engagement.

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