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TRILO VCU200 Verti-cut unit

  • Working width of 2.0 m (79″).
  • Robust steel frame.
  • Depth of verti-cutting can easily be continuously adjusted.
  • PTO: 540 rpm.
  • Driven by PTO drive shaft.
  • Suitable for categories 0, I and II.
  • Optional undulation kit.



For verti-cutting grass fields for turf farming

The VCU200 is a 2 m wide machine for extra wide verti-cutting of flat terrains. A PTO drive shaft provides the drive and the required power is 22 HP (16 kW). The scarification depth is easily and continuously adjustable with the threaded spindle on both sides of the unit. The units are standard equipped with knives with 5 tips of manganese steel and are 3 mm thick or are optionally equipped with knives with tungsten tips. Optionally, the units can be equipped with gauge wheels (undulation kit) at the back of the frame for even better and more precise following of the ground. All TRILO products for the turf industry can be found here.

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