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TRILO Mid-size Sweep & Collect Vacuum Sweepers M4

  • Loading capacity: 4 m3
  • Working width: 2.1 – 3 m
  • Driven by PTO drive shaft
  • Required power: 45 – 70 hp (33 – 51 kW)
  • Large radial tyres



Collecting grass clippings at smaller turf farms

The TRILO Mid-size vacuum sweepers are compact and maneuverable with a Loading capacity of 4 m3. A powerful fan in a housing with a replaceable inner lining is driven by a drive shaft (PTO) coupled to the tractor. A Power of 45 – 70 hp (33 – 51 kW) is required. The TRILO mid-size sweep & collect are delivered with a brush shaft with a working width of 1.5 m that you can change for a mowing shaft or scarifier shaft so you can cut & collect in one pass. All TRILO products for the turf industry can be found here.

  • Sweeping and collecting in one pass
  • Large radial tyres for low ground pressure
  • Driven by PTO drive shaft
  • Optional wander hose of 6 m Ø 250 mm
  • Usable all year round for various jobs
  • High working speed
  • Can be operated by one person
  • 2.15 m high-tipping bin

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