Vanmac Turf Equipment
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I want to order parts

There are 3 options for ordering parts:

  1. Go to our webshop
  2. Order by phone +31 (0)33 4506 177
  3. Order by mail by filling in form below
  4. Send us a direct email

Delivery Conditions

The machine has been delivered as agreed:

  • All fluid levels checked *
  • Engine starts and runs properly *
  • Hydraulics are functioning properly *
  • Tyres are properly inflated (see user manual) *
  • Nuts and bolts have been checked
  • Lighting checked and working *
  • V-belts checked for the correct tension
  • The PTO has been adjusted to fit
  • The machine has been tested behind a tractor


The operation of the machine has been explained to me:

  • Operating manual is included with the delivery of the machine
  • Instruction and warning labels are all on the machine
  • All controls have been explained
  • Operating procedures have been explained
  • Maintenance procedures have been explained and are clear to me


*Where applicable.