Vanmac Turf Equipment
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TRILO Large Wide Area Collectors till 7.80 mtr.

  • Collects up to 12 hectares per hour
  • Saving weight and easy emptying using unloading floor
  • Working widths from 6 to 7.8 m
  • Large radial tyres for low ground pressure
  • Optional pendling axle – four wheels in line
  • Driven by PTO drive shaft
  • Can be operated by one person



For collecting grass clippings on turf farms from large areas

The TRILO Wide Area Collectors are specially designed for collecting grass residues from very large areas with a working width of up to 8 m. You can Collect grass residues with a loading capacity of 8 up to 12 m3 with a working width of 8 m. The fan is driven by a tractor coupled to the tractor. branch axis and requires power from 90 – 110 hp (66 – 81 kW). All TRILO products for the turf industry can be found here.

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