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ROTADAIRON Pneumatic Seeder SMA305

This Rotadairon Pneumatic Seeder SMA305 has been designed to seed most varieties of turf such as pastures, fescues, ryegrass, etc. on large surfaces. It is equipped with a pneumatic seeder and two cast iron rollers, allowing seeding in one pass. It is used on land previously worked with a soil preparation/stone burier.

  • Oscillating rear roller
  • Locking of the oscillation of the rear roller for road travel
  • Drive wheel allowing the deposit of the seed in proportion to the advance
  • Access platform for the tank
  • Scraper on the front and rear roller
  • Pneumatic seeder
  • Available in double rear cast iron rollers




Technical details:

  • Seeding width: 3310 mm
  • Total width: 3600 mm
  • Weight: 1640 kg
  • Required power (PTO): 60-100 Hp
  • 3 point hitch: cat. II
  • transport dimensions: 3600 x 2420 x 2340 mm (w x l x h)

* Rotadairon machines are not sold in France and Belgium by Vanmac B.V.


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