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Progressive TDR-X Contour Rough/Finishing Mower

  • 6-way Adaptive Swivel Hitch
  • Isolates the mower from the tractor for truer contour tracking
  • Short length input shaft, with an 80° Constant Velocity Joint
  • Easy one man connection to the tractor and great mobility
  • 100 hr PTO shaft greasing intervals
  • Does not require removal of the shafts for greasing
  • Narrow front to back ‘roller base’
  • Each independent deck accurately track changing contours
  • Wide transport tire, tread designed to resist grass build-up
  • Steel wheel cover on both rims prevents clipping accumulation
  • 50mm (2”) overlap between blades – ensures a more uniform cut
  • Blades last longer – cut is not affected by leading-edge rounding
  • Easy-set one wrench HOC adjustment, cut height range 9,5 mm to 8,6 cm
  • Low profile, mounted to top of channel out of harms way
  • Full width, heavy-walled 15 cm (6”) diameter rollers
  • Built with internal support structure – a Progressive exclusive
  • HEX drive roller-end and matching bearing – field-proven
  • Ensure positive engagement and rotation – simple design
  • Outboard bearing placement – 50-hour greasing intervals
  • Permits a wider deck roller and easier service access
  • Short length drive deck belts, resist stretch and provide longer life
  • A single part number belt used in all locations – 2 belts per deck
  • Proven single point belt tensioning on each deck
  • Eliminates concerns with extra idlers and spring tensioners



The way a contour roller mower should be designed!

The TDR-X is a new contour roller mower from Progressive, the industry leader with over 30 years of experience designing pull-behind rotary mowers. With a 3 m (10’6”) wide cut, the TDR-X is both productive and agile. With 3 independently floating decks, the TDR-X will closely follow the contours of championship ranked golf courses, producing a professional quality cut that will impress both Superintendents and Members alike.

• Built Dependable: Incorporating designs that are field-proven and components that are used on much larger roller mowers – up to 9m (30’) wide
• Built Flexible: 6-way floating decks, and an Adaptive Swivel Hitch isolates the tractor from the mower allowing truer contour tracking – a Progressive exclusive!
• Built Productive: An industry-leading blade overlap ensures a quality cut. The TDR-X can be equipped with either one-piece or replaceable tip PRO-EZII blades
• Built Right: Easy-set HOC, exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn, maintenance-free blade spindles, extended service intervals and superior visibility to the work area
• Built Progressive: Designed with the knowledge gained from over 20 years selling the industry’s most popular contour mower, the 5 deck Pro-Flex 120

The TDR-X is ideal as a sports turf mower for the most demanding venues. A low cut height, stable fore/aft balanced decks, together with the industry’s leading blade over-lap all contribute to a professional uniform cut across the entire width of the mower. For a contour roller mower, the TDR-X is The Better Built Choice.