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Progressive TD92/TD92G Tri-Deck Rotary Finishing Mower

  • Part Number: 629222 (painted deck shells) – 629222G (galvanized deck shells)
  • Turning Radius: (uncut circle): Zero
  • Cutting Width: 6,7 m
  • Cutting Height: 1,9 to 12,7 cm
  • Power requirement PTO: 45 to 70 hp
  • Mowing Capacity: 3,5 km/h – 2 ha/ph* – 6,5 km/h – 4,5 ha/ph* – 10 km/h – 6,5 ha/ph* – 7,5 mph 20 acres per hour*
  • Operating Weight: 1860 kg (4,100 lb.)
  • Transport Tires: P275 / 60R 15 Automotive radials
  • Solid Deck Tires: Optionally available
  • Transport Width: 2,9 m
  • Transport Height: 3 m
  • Transport Length: 4,5 m


* Assumes no overlap or turning.
** The tractor is required to have one double acting hydraulic valve.



The Benchmark Mower of the Sod Industry

Since its introduction in 1990, Progressive’s 6,7 m (22 feet) wide TD92 Tri-Deck Rotary Finishing Mower has become the benchmark mower of the turfgrass industry. It is considered to be the most productive and cost-effective wide-area turfgrass mower available while delivering a quality of cut, second to none. Following extensive customer input, the Next

Generation TD92 raises the bar even higher with new features that will enhance productivity and further reduce ongoing maintenance requirements and cost. The Next Generation TD92 is available with either painted or galvanized, bolt-on deck shells.

Some of the standard features of the Next Generation TD92 include: enhanced clipping discharge, Maintenance Free Blade Spindles, extended 100 hour PTO Shaft Greasing intervals and fewer grease fittings than prior models. Four different OEM blades are available to match local growing conditions.

Retaining many of the same components and design features that have been field proven on over 2,100 older TD92’s, means that there is more time cutting, less time maintaining and more money in your pocket each day! The Next Generation TD92 raises the bar to new heights as the Better Built Choice!

Lowering the Cost of Operation: Field proven over several years, Maintenance Free Blade Spindles and heavy duty 100 hour greasing interval PTO shafts are used to lower both the cost and the time spent on routine maintenance and deliver a long service life. They also provide peace of mind that a missed greasing won’t render the mower out of service. PTO greasing points are easily accessible.

Bolt-on Deck Shell: Painted or Galvanized Versions Available For producers who grow in sandy, or acidic soil conditions, the bolt-on design allows for inexpensive replacement of the deck shell if necessary. The bolt-on shell feature is made possible because only Progressive uses a separate deck frame design. The galvanized deck shell option of the TD92G provides added protection necessary for a long service life in conditions where rusting is a concern. Easy clipping clean out is incorporated into the deck frame design, making washing between crops simple.

Excellent Flotation and Easy Height Adjustment: The TD92 is easy on the turf. Lowground pressure is achieved with 12 large, floatation tires. Tire position is staggered to minimize soil compaction and rutting. Six non-swiveling tires (four caster and the two main transport tires) keep the mower tracking straight while mowing across gentle hillsides.

Easily Transported: Mechanical deck locks are released with a simple pull rope. The decks can be raised or lowered hydraulically from the operator’s seat. Automotive radial tires permit easy transport to another location. A spare deck tire carrier and a hydraulic deck stabilizer for easier height of cut changes, are optionally available.

Designed for the real world: Progressive designed the TD92 mowing deck to provide even dispersion of clippings through an open rear discharge – avoiding clumping and windrows. Only minutes are required to change the cutting height from 1,9 to 12,7 cm without the use of tools. An 8 position hitch adapts to many tractors.