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Progressive TD65 Tri-Deck Finishing Mower

Partnumber: 526515
Cutting width: 4,7 m
Cutting Height: 2,5 to 12,7 cm in 1 cm steps
Power requirement PTO: 30 to 50 hp
Weight: 1234 kg
Mowing Capacity: 3,5 km/h – 1,5 ha/ph* – 6,5 km/h – 3 ha/ph* – 10 km/h – 4,5 ha/ph*
Turning Radius: 0” uncut circle (zero turning radius)
Transport Tires: Two 18 X 9.50 X 8 NHS, 6 ply, Turf Saver Tires
Transport Width: 2,4 m
Transport Height:  2,2 m
Transport Length: 4,2 m


* Assumes no overlap or turning.
** The tractor is required to have one double acting hydraulic valve.



Superior Quality – Superior Cut

The Progressive TD65 is a Tri-Deck rotary finishing mower providing a 4,7 m wide cut. By using your 30-50 HP tractor the TD65 can mow up to 90 acres in an eight hour day. The TD65 is operator friendly with straight forward and very low maintenance requirements.

Three independent floating decks are mounted on a robust transport frame. These decks conform to and follow most undulations and other ground conditions that are encountered during the mowing of parks, schoolyards, and other large recreation areas without scalping. Maintenance Free Blade Spindles offer peace of mind and lower cost of operation.

The superior cut is the result of our deck design. High lift rotary blades create enough vacuum to lift the grass for a smooth, even cut and then disperse the clippings evenly through the rear discharge system which is unique and an integral part of the deck design. The result is a superior after-cut appearance.

Only minutes are required to change cutting heights from 2,5 to 12,7 cm without the use of tools. In addition, all operating functions for transport and mowing positions are activated from the tractor seat.

The TD65B is another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes into producing a durable, reliable, rotary finishing mower that is easy to maintain. The TD65B is not only of superior quality, providing a superior cut, it is “The Better Built Choice”.

Easy to transport and maintain: Maintenance Free Blade Spindles are used to both lower cost and time of routine maintenance. They also provide peace of mind that a missed greasing won’t render the mower out of service. Mechanical locks secure the decks in the transport position. Optional transport tires and fenders are available if the mower needs to be towed longer distances. All pivot points are fitted with easy-to-reach grease fittings making servicing fast and easy. A single piece 1,3 m wide steel deck is formed and welded with bracing at high-stress areas to provide for maximum structural strength.

A superior cut for a superior finish: High lift rotary blades create enough vacuum to lift the grass for a clean even cut and then disperse the clippings evenly through the rear of each deck for a superior after cut appearance. An optional mulching kit is available to help return clipping nutrients to the soil.

Designed for the real world: Progressive designed the TD65 mowing deck to provide even dispersion of clippings through the open rear discharge area – avoiding clumping and windrows. Only minutes are required to change the TD65 cutting height from 2,54 to 12,7  cm without the use of tools. For convenience and safety, all transport and mowing functions are activated without the operator leaving the tractor’s seat.