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Progressive SDR-65 Roller Finishing Mower

  • Part Number: 531965
  • Cutting Width: 1,65 m
  • Blades: 3 x 58.4 cm long
  • Infinitely Variable Cutting Height: 1,3 to 10 cm (infinite number of settings)
  • Mowing Capacity: 3,5 km/h    0,5 ha/ph* – 6,5 km/h    1 ha/ph* – 10 km/h     1,5 ha/ph*
  • Recommended PTO: 25 hp
  • Transport Width: 1,8 m
  • Weight: 442 kg


* Assumes no overlap or turning.
** The tractor is required to have one double acting hydraulic valve.



High Performance – Full Featured

The Progressive SDR-65 mowers are a three-point hitch version of the popular tri-deck TDR-15 and TDR-22 mowers and they utilize many of the same components. Not to be confused with other, light-duty three-point hitch mowers that are available, both the SDR-65 and SDR-90 have 15 cm (6”) diameter rollers on both the front and rear across the full width of the deck. Ideal for smaller mowing jobs where a quality cut is mandatory, the SDR’s rollers allow you to cut as low as 1,3 cm, while simultaneously striping and rolling the mowing surface. To minimize service requirements, both models are equipped with field-proven maintenance-free blade spindles and HEX-Drive Roller-End bearings.

If a new mower is in your plans to maintain your sports complex, park, or other areas where a quality after-cut appearance is mandatory, consider the 1,65 m (65”) wide SDR-65. If a wider cutting swath for a seedbed or small test plot is required, consider the 2,28 m (90”) wide SDR-90.

Progressive’s SDR mowers are another example of the ingenuity and quality that goes into producing durable, reliable rotary finishing mowers that are easy to maintain.

Easy height adjustment: Infinite cutting height adjustment from 1,3 to 10 cm (½” to 4”). Using the supplied tool the mower cutting height can be adjusted quickly for multiple mowing applications. The SDR-90 can be fitted with either one-piece fixed blades or the replaceable tip Pro-Ez II blade system.

Full-width rollers: Each 15 cm (6”) diameter, thick wall rollers with ‘Hex’ shaft ends is supported by two 3 cm (1¼”) ductile iron flange bearings. A cable wiper is positioned by each roller to eliminate grass build-up in damp mowing conditions.

Heavy duty lift link: Designed with a standardized Cat 1, 3 point lift linkage reinforced, heavy-duty mounting points on the mower deck for long life (may need weights on front of the tractor)

Simpler Maintenance = Lower Cost: Maintenance Free Blade Spindles and sealed roller end bearings are used to lower both the cost and time spent on routine maintenance. They also provide peace of mind that a missed daily greasing won’t render the mower out of service.