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Progressive Pro-Roll 10 & 15 Wide-Area Contour Rollers

The Pro-Roll has advantages not offered by other wide-area turf rollers!

  • Multiple, short length rollers makes both Pro-Roll models very maneuverable and flexible, permitting true ground tracking even in highly contoured turf.
  • Pro Lift-N-Turn™ system: An exclusive but essential feature, permits sharper turns without the fear of scuffing and allows you to quickly exit a fairway when play approaches.
  • A Pro-Roll is more efficient and effective for dew removal than 2 vehicles pulling a ‘snake’.
  • Easily adjusted solid ballast allows compaction to be varied between 0,39 to 0,79 bar (5.8 and 11.6 psi) on each roller*, ensuring that compaction is equally applied to all rollers regardless of terrain.

* For comparison: an average man of medium build exerts a compaction of 0.55 bar (8 psi) per foot while standing.



A game-changing step forward in a wide-area turf roller

The Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 are versatile wide-area turf rollers with 3,2 or 4,5 m (10’8” or 15’) rolling widths. Ideal for smoothing flat or contoured turf, they have been shown to aid in reducing disease pressure and permit a reduction in mowing frequency and chemical usage, while still being gentle enough for use on new growth and delicate turf. The Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 produce consistent compaction, regardless of the terrain profile as each roller is able to independently track changing contours. Solid ballast is easily added to or removed from each roller deck ensuring even compaction across all rollers. Whether it is a tight corner of a sports field or negotiating around a fairway hazard, the Pro-Roll has the ability to make sharp turns without scuffing, all thanks to the four individually-mounted transport tires, smooth roller ends, and Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ system. Best of all, the Pro-Roll 10 and Pro-Roll 15 can be used with either a common compact tractor or a wide range of utility vehicles. Now that’s Progressive thinking!

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