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Brouwer 1580 Sod Harvester

  • Retro 1500 Cutting Head – The lightest and most durable Cutting Head on the market
  • Can harvest 41, 46 cm widths in 61 to 254 cm lengths. Rolls or Slabs
  • Quick, easy cut-off spring tension adjustment
  • New exclusive Brouwer low-profile rubber mat with polyethylene sliders is gentle on turf
  • No waste: cuts close to pipes, fences and ditches
  • Independently mounted Curved or Cross Conveyors
  • Works well in all soil conditions
  • Hydraulic flap control (Roll)



Pivoting one piece cutter head and conveyor frame, with hydraulic depth control. Floats for uniform sod thickness. Fits John Deere 5065 tractor configurations.

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