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Brouwer 1570 Sod Harvester

  • Improved lighter weight floating cutter head for higher quality turf with less waste.
  • See through design for better visabillity, operation and maintenance.
  • Cutting widths 41, 46, or 61 cm adjustable lengths from 46 to 254 cm. Rolls or Slabs.
  • Cut off spring tension quick adjustment.
  • Lastest low profile belt exclusive to Brouwer and polyethylene sliders are kinder on the turf.
  • Stremlined design to enable close operation to fences, hedges and ditches.
  • Weight bar fitted to the conveyor as standard.
  • Independently mounted Curved or Cross Conveyor.
  • Hydraulic roll up flap control.



New lighter weight floating cutting head for improved turf quality and less waste. Uncluttered see-through design for easy maintenance and operation. Capable of harvesting slabs or rolls in lengths of  45 and 249 cm (18″-98″). Can harvest 41, 46 and 61 cm (16″, 18″ or 24″) widths. Optional 4-wheel drive.

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