Brouwer-Kesmac turf rollers

These simple and robust lawn rollers are versatile and ideal for rolling lawns, tennis courts, jeu de boules, etc.


Brouwer turf rollers


Brouwer TR 224 Ride on Turf Roller

The Brouwer TR 224 lawn roller is a unique machine in the market because of its simple and robust construction, the machine is suitable for rolling lawns, tennis courts, jeu de boules, etc. The machine is constantly variable driven and can therefore continuously vary from 0 to 6.8 km / h. By means of a filling opening on the side of the roller, the rolls can be filled to make them even heavier.

• Lever assist steering for exceptional maneuverability.
• Honda 5.5-hp engine for reliability and economy.
• Proven single-lever F-N-R clutchless transmission.
• Unique rounded-edge rollers prevent turf damage.
• Two fill-drain plugs per roller for convenience.
• 61 cm wide rollers for access to narrow paths.

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BTR 30 Walk Behind Turf Roller

The BTR 30 walk behind turf roller from Brouwer is an easy to operate grass roller that you can rely on and with which you can quickly and easily lay turf nice and easy. Thanks to the compact, rear roll, you can easily load and make the grass roller very maneuverable. It is especially useful for smaller projects where you have to work between trees, bushes or beds.

• Easy to operate single lever hydrostatic drive
• Long handle for easy turning
• 76 cm rolling width
• Rounded roller edges to prevent turf damage
• Dual fill / drain plugs
• Traction drum for slopes / Smooth drum for greens
• Optional Power Unit Protection with single lifting point

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Kesmac Walk Behind Turf Roller

Kesmac KTR 30 Walk Behind Turf Roller

The Kesmac KTR 30 walk behind turf roller, with a smooth or traction drum and rounded edges, is gentle on turf. It’s a breeze to operate and maneuver around tight spaces. The handle folds for easy transport and storage.

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