Turf Installers

Good tools are half the work and certainly when you work with the turf installers from our delivery program. Efficiently, and accurately laying turf made easy.


Brouwer Turf Installers

Brouwer Large Roll Turf Installers 2430

The 2430 turf installer is a hydrostatically driven installer with an 11 hp Honda Motor. The low center of gravity makes it suitable for laying turf on slopes. Rolls of 60 and 75 cm can be laid up to a weight of 750 kg. The exceptional maneuverability makes the 2430 an ideal choice for many situations.

• Durable heavy steel frame.
• Hydrostatic transmission.
• Pivoting rear tire steering means minimal turf damage or scuffing
• Excellent maneuverability.
• Extremely easy to operate.
• 1.5 gal. fuel tank.

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Brouwer Rollmate 2442 Big Roll Turf Installer

The new Brouwer Model 2442 Large Roll RollMate can easily install up to 107 cm wide rolls. The RollMate has a extra solid and rigid construction and has an electric start and hydrostatic drive with an 11 hp engine, 0 to 7.5 Km / h -. Easy to operate and maintain, the RollMate 2442 is the most economical sod installer on the market today!

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Brouwer Rollmate 2448 Big Roll Turf Installer

The RollMate RM 2448 is the ideal sod installer for sod growers, gardeners, rental companies and contractors. This sod installer can easily lift 120 cm wide, 900 kg heavy rollers and remains easy to maneuver. That is why the RM 2448 is the best choice for most situations. Because the Brouwer RM 2448 is easy to maneuver and very easy to operate, it is an excellent machine for undulating terrain.

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Magnum Turf Installer

Magnum A48D Turf Installer

The Magnum is a very user friendly sod installer. With the all-wheel drive and an independent rear steering axle, this device can install sod anywhere. The compact design of this machine makes it easy to transport from and to the workplace. The front wheels can turn inwards so that the installer fits on a standard trailer.

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