TRILO BL960 Blower

A strong blower with an enormous capacity, designed to be the most powerful on the market. With its large capacity and far-reaching airflow, the machine is ideal for use in big parks or golf courses. View the TRILO BL960 Blower on the TRILO website.


  • Power requirment: 45 hp
  • PTO: 540 RPM
  • Weight: 405 kg
  • Three-point connection: Cat I-II

BL960 Bladblazers (very powerfull)

The TRILO BL960 the most powerful leaf blower on the market. This machine has a far-reaching airflow, ideal for large areas. Optional you can fit a nozzle that bends the airflow that can be hydraulically adjusted from the cab, which increases the efficiency of a leaf blower tremendously. When changing direction and driving back, you can still blow in the same direction by means of reversing the nozzle. You can blow to the left or right of the machine, and if you place the bend at half-height, you can blow on both sides in one pass and clean your paths and roads in one go. The large Gauge wheels and anti-scalp roll ensure that the blower perfectly follows the surface contours and protect the discharge nozzle and the turf. The impeller is driven by a power take-off shaft coupled to the tractor and requires an output of 50 hp (37 kW).

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