Sod Harvesters

Vanmac B.V. supplies turf sods from all major brands for harvesting turf. From Big Roll to slab harvesters you will find them on this page. Every machine that we sell is supported by our service, maintenance and we always have parts for you in stock.


Brouwer Sod Harvesters

Brouwer SH1576 Sod Harvester

Heavy-duty floating cutting head frame. Capable of harvesting slabs or rolls in lengths of 18″-98″.
Can harvest 16″, 18″ or 24″ widths. Optional brush attachment keeps turf free of debris and clippings.
Optional 4-wheel drive.

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Brouwer SH1570 Graszodensteker

New lighter weight floating cutting head for improved turf quality and less waste. Uncluttered see-through design for easy maintenance and operation. Capable of harvesting slabs or rolls in lengths of 18″-98″. Can harvest 16″, 18″ or 24″ widths. Optional 4-wheel drive.

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Brouwer Rollmax 2400

24″ floating cutter head for maximum turf quality and efficiency. All functions controlled from the tractor seat.
Automatic rolling. Turf rolls are ejected to the harvested side out of the way of the next pass. Hydraulic depth control standard. Four 24″ wide rolls easily fit across the width of a truck bed. Built on a John Deere 5065 tractor with a cutting width of 24″.

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Brouwer SH 2125 with pivoting cutter head

Pivoting one piece cutter head and conveyor frame, with hydraulic depth control. Floats for uniform sod thickness. Fits John Deere 5065 tractor configurations.

Kesmac Graszodenstekers

Kesmac 2150 Graszodensteker

• Pivoting one piece cutter head and conveyor frame, with hydraulic depth control, floats for uniform & reliable sod thickness
• Fits New Holland T4020 and John Deere 5065E tractor configurations, 2WD & 4WD
• Conveniently stored weights can be added to cutter head to adapt to various conditions
• Joystick controls all key functions: auto steer, hydraulic depth control (also at stackers station), cutter and conveyor
• Main beam forward design for better weight distribution and reduced front counter weights
• Ergonomically designed operator station with good visibility & heavy duty wrap around fenders and platform
• Easy entry with rear piling door for quick service
• Full canopy with flashing signal and halogen work lights
• Well balanced, short overall length for great maneuverability
• Low profile conveyor mat with long life tri-urethane sprockets on UHMW polyethylene slides
• Conveyor lift arm cylinder lock & fender safety grab rail

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Kesmac 2200 Graszodensteker

A professional sod cutter with full floating cutting head suitable for all soil types with electro hydraulic operation.

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Magnum Graszodenstekers

Magnum BR 48 Harvester

De BR 48 is een getrokken graszodensteker en heeft 2x 24” snijkoppen. Met deze machine kan op drie manieren graszoden geproduceert worden. Met dezelfde machine kunnen namelijk slabs, big rolls of kleine rollen gemaakt worden.

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Magnum SR 480 Big Roll Harvester

Getrokken Big Roll Graszodensteker met 2 snijkoppen van 24”. De Halfautomatische Steker heeft een automatisch en verwisselbaar doseersysteem om de nieuwe buizen in op te slaan. Een hydraulisch afslagsysteem zorgt voor extacte rollengtes.

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Magnum TH 48

De TH 48 is een 3-punts zodensteker met zwevende (floating) snijkop.

Technische specificaties Magnum TH 48

Snijkop: Floating snijkop uit een deel
Snijbreedte: 120 cm (Coulterschijf in het midden voor 2x 60 cm)
Snijdikte: tot maximaal 70 mm
Formaat (LxBxH): 150 x 170 x 140 cm
Gewicht: 1.260 kg
Snijdikte regeling: Electrisch
Aandrijving: Mechanisch
3-puntsaansluiting: Cat II
Benodigde hydrauliek: 1 dubbelwerkende hydraulische aansluiting
Benodigd voltage: 12 volt ( voor snijdikte regeling)

Standaard Coulterschijf op 8 inch roller beschikbaar
Standaard met netinjector

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