Magnum Sod Harvesters

Over the years, they dreamed at Magnum of new ways to harvest and install turf. Develop machines that make work easier, more consistent in production and more profitable through labor saving and more efficient handling. This resulted in a series of machines with exceptional performance and possibilities. On this page, you will find the range of Magnum machines at Vanmac B.V.


Magnum BR 48 Harvester

The BR 48 is a pulled sod harvester and has 2x 24″ cutting heads. With this machine, you can harvest turf in three ways. You can harvest turf grass as slabs, big rolls or as small rolls with the same machine.

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Magnum SR 480 Big Roll Harvester

The BR 48 is a pulled sod harvester and has 2x 24″ cutting heads. The Semi-automatic harvester with an automatic and exchangeable dosing system for storing the pipes for rolling the turf grass on. A hydraulic cut-off system ensures exact roll lengths.

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Magnum TH 48

The TH 48 is a 3-point sod harvester with floating cutting head.

Technischal specifications Magnum TH 48

Cutting head: Floating cutting head out of piece
Cutting width: 120 cm (Coulter disc in the center for 2x 60 cm)
Cutting thickness: up to a maximum of 70 mm Size
(LxWxH): 150 x 170 x 140 cm
Weight: 1,260 kg
Cutting thickness control: Electric
Drive: Mechanical 3-point connection: Cat II
Required hydraulics: 1 double acting hydraulic connection
Required voltage: 12 volts (for cutting thickness control)

Standard Coulter disc on 8 inch roller available.
Standard with net injector.

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