Rotadairon Pneumatic Seeder

Dairon Pneumatic Seeder

Dairon Pneumatic Seeder

Dairon has developed an air-assisted delivery system, a technique well-proven in agriculture, for precision turf seeding of large areas. These seeders may be combined with the heavy-duty Soil Renovator or used as a Primary Seeder with double rollers.


Stone Burier / Soil Renovator

The RotaDairon® does the work of several machines in a single pass. Its patented works principle allows:

Cultivation, burying of stones, clods – grass and debris, creation of a fine soil surface, blending of extra material (compost, fertilizer, sand, fibres...), grading, seeding (thanks to the seed-box adaptable on all the RotaDairon machines), rolling to be completed simultaneously.


3-points seeding machine SM155 - SM205