Magnum Turf big roll harvesters and installers

TH 48

Magnum TH 48

The Magnum TH 48 is a tractor-mounted sod harvester with floating cutter head.


Technical specifications Magnum TH 48

  • Cutter head:                       solid head
  • Cutting width:                     2 x 60 cm (coulter disc in the middle)
  • Cutting thickness:                70 mm
  • Size (LxWxH):                    150 x 170 x 140 cm
  • Weight:                             1260 kg
  • Thickness control:                Electric
  • Drive:                               Mechanical
  • Three point hitch:                Cat II
  • Hydraulic requirement:         1 double acting hydraulic valve (for roll clamp)
  • Voltage requirement:           12 volt ( for thickness control)
  • Standard coulter disc on 8 inch roller available
  • Standard netting application
BR 480

Magnum BR 480 Harvester

The Magnum Harvester is three harvesters rolled into one. It cuts big rolls, slabs, or pallet-sized rolls of sod…all to perfection.  Magnum machines cut 48” (two 24” pieces), 42" (two 21” pieces), 40”, 36” (two 18” pieces), 32” (two 16” pieces), or 30” rolls. That gives you more options to please more customers, more ways to cut overhead and more ways to make money.

SR 480

Magnum SR 480 Big Roll Harvester

The Magnum Harvester 480SR is a semi-automatic big roll harvester. It has the following features: Hydraulic chop-off assembly for accurate and consistent lengths of cut. 
Large removable tube rack for less down time and easy reloading.Tube injector for quick and easy tube addition. 
Self-starting conveyor to eliminate wrapping turf around the tube by hands.

CP 48 big roll harvester

Magnum CP 48 big roll harvester

The Magnum 48 CP cuts Big Rolls, slabs or pallet-sized rolls. It’s like having three harvesters in one. The Magnum 48 CP is famous for its versatility. In just 15 minutes, you can convert the Magnum 48 CP machine from big rolls to either slabs or small, pallet size rolls. This high performance harvester creates two slabs or rolls at a time and places the pieces at working height, avoiding back-breaking labor.


Technical specifications Magnum 48 CP harvester

  • Cutter head:                        Twin floating
  • Cutting width:                      107 or 120 cm
  • Length of cut:                      up to 35 meter
  • Cutting thickness:               6 - 75 mm
  • Capacity:                              up to 1500 m2/hour
  • Size (LxWxH):                      453 x 235 x 198 cm
  • Weight:                                1655 kg ( depending on options)

Magnum M4826D Turf Installer

4-wheel drive hydrostatic turf installer powered by a 26 PS Kubota diesel. Four flotation tyres together with an independent rear steering axle it allows this unit to crawl over and go just about anywhere you want to lay sod with or without a roll.