Brouwer Turf Equipment


Brouwer SH1576 Turf Harvester

Heavy-duty cutting head frame with independent cutting head. Works well in heavy clay soil.


Brouwer SH1570 Turf Harvester

New lighter weight floating cutting head for improved turf quality and less waste. Uncluttered see-through design for easy maintenance and operation.

Brouwer SH 2125

Brouwer SH 2125 with pivoting cutter head

Pivoting one piece cutter head and conveyor frame, with hydraulic depth control. Floats for uniform sod thickness. Fits John Deere 5065 tractor configurations.

Brouwer One Man Operating Unit

One Man Operating Unit

This unit allows one man to operate multiple functions from the back of the machine. For extra safety this unit is equipped with an emergency button and an safety cord for the operator. The Vanmac One man operation unit is suitable for Brouwer sod harvesters.


Brouwer Rollmax

24” cutting width for maximum turf quality and efficiency. all functions controlled from the tractor seat. Ground speed hydraulics prevent tearing of turf. Turf Rolls are ejected to the harvested side, out of the way of the next pass.

RM 2430

Brouwer Rollmate RM 2430

Hydrostatic powered sod installer. It’s able to lift a roll of turf weighing up to 1,500 lbs and lay 24” or 30” wide large rolls. It’s low center of gravity makes it perfect for turf installation on banks and slopes up to 30 degrees.

Brouwer RM 2448 big roll installer

Brouwer RM 2448 big roll installer

The RollMate RM 2448 sod layer is the ideal sod layer for sod growers, landscapers, rental outlets and other contractors. The 48” (120 cm) wide, 4 ft 48” diameter, 2000 pound roll capacity along with the exceptional manoeuvrability, make the RM 2448 an ideal choice for most sod laying applications. The Brouwer RM 2448 is an outstanding machine for operating on slopes, highly manoeuvrable and easy to operate.

Brouwer SLH 2430 big roll installer

Brouwer SLH 2430 big roll installer

The Brouwe SLH 2430 is the product to have on hand for every large roll installation project. It is the ideal choice in tractor-mounted large roll installers. With the help of bearings, the SLH 2430 unrolls turf without tearing and lays it quickly, but gently and precisely without need for core tubes. Easy to own, operate and maintain, the SLH 2430 is the peak in turf installation performance. The Brouwer SLH 2430 is a sturdy machine, built on a heavy duty steel frame. The frame can easily be adapted for rolls of 60 cm or 76 cm. When hooked up to the tractors hydraulics, the operator can clamp and raise the roll for transport.

TR 224

Brouwer TR 224

The Brouwer TR 224 turf roller is a gentle giant you can trust in the industry. The Brouwer TR 224 is the ideal machine to roll your turf, tenniscourt, jeu de boules etc. The machine is easy to operate and has a lever assist clutchless transmission and single –lever shifting. The speed is from 0 to 6.8 km/h. Two fill drain plugs per roller for convenience.

Mark 2

Brouwer Mark 2 sodcutter

The Brouwer Mark 2 sodcutter has a 5.5 hp Honda engine, easy fold handles for transport, finger tip cutter speed control and split cutterblades. This sodcutter is very compact on transport.